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We are the spirit of heaven, birthed to this world, freed from our own corpses by the twin flame journey. We are burnt to ash by the fire, but re-birthed by our faith, resplendent like the phoenix, to rise again and light up the world with all we have become. - Samantha Lucas

I met my the man I thought my twin flame in March of 2012. It was the most romantic, overwhelmingly passionate encounter I'd ever had. In him I saw everything I'd looked for all my life, and he said he saw the same in me. We shared a connection the likes of which I never truly thought existed. We awakened one another to deeper levels of consciousness and spirituality...

Then he met someone else.

My story isn't all that different from anyone else who's been through this, but where I've ended up is quite different from where most seem to. I am in a place of strength and happiness. I've found complete healing for this experience. I've taken the gifts and the awakening and I'm using that to create the life I'm meant to live.

I feel for those of you seeking some sense of power, normality, your own strength back, I dare say, for those seeking recovery from the twin flame experience. Where do you go once this experience has ripped you open and left you in the ash?

I believe in you. And I know this relationship will not end you,but in truth, rebirth you into who you are meant to be. More, years on the other side of this relationship, there is another chapter, another man, another connection. I'm on that journey now and share that journey as I seek answers and home.

I know the depth and the pain of this journey, but I know the heights to which you can soar on the other side. I will provide you with as much of my own story as I can along with all that I've learned, all that I've become, and all that is happening now.

Namaste and many blessings dear kindred twin flames. - Samantha

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