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About TycerX

To my Patreon! My name's Arran, also known on the online world as TycerX and I produce 360° Virtual Reality content on YouTube! I've been doing this job Part-Time since 2012 alongside my studies through High School, College and University!

Why Patreon?
Patreon allows me to reach out to you guys to help support the content that I make. Support that you provide will allow me to further develop more content on the channel, and allow me to undertake the channel as a full-time role!

Rewards and Goals?!
As with many Patron's I've added some goals and rewards to say a little thank you for supporting me while making this content! Feel free to check out these goals and rewards on the side, and if you have any suggestions, as always, tweet me! @TycerX

Thank You <3
Once again, thank you for following and subscribing to my channel! I hope you enjoy the content I produce now, and into the future! Much love!

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