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You've taken on the responsibility of keeping my caffeine addiction alive, at least for a day. I thank you from the bottom of my cold, cold heart, and you now have access to my Patreon feed, plus your name will appear on the "Thanks" section of my website, lifeintheweird.com

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A root beer and a bag of caramel corn is pretty much all it takes to put me at ease, and when I'm at ease, I can create amazing things. To show my appreciation, you not only get the perks from the $1 tier, but you also have access to my e-zine "Spare Parts", which is exclusive to Patreon, as long as you're a contributor. 

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Whatever the drive-thru franchise, I'm happy to devour their food on your dime. This tier comes with the previous perks, plus, once a month, I will dedicate one of my One Page Stories to an idea provided by and credited to you on my Instagram, Facebook Page, as well as here on Patreon, which will include a description of the criteria you gave me.




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About Tyler D. Hansen

Hello, everyone. I’m Tyler, and I’m going to get straight to the point. I’m a writer, but that doesn’t keep the car running or the coffee flowing. You’re someone who has either read my older work, or someone who enjoys reading enough to kick up a buck or two for the strange tales I spin.

I believe we can help each other.

I have consistent content coming out in the form of my One Page Stories on Instagram, my monthly e-zine "Spare Parts" which is exclusive to Patreon and only available to contributors of $3/month or more, and my blog Life in the Weird. There are also several works across multiple mediums being edited, formatted, and put through additional drafts which contributors can follow the progress of. Beyond that, there is a plethora of ambitious ideas that, with your patronage, I can bring into existence.

The bottom line is that with your patronage, I can write more and more, publish my books, begin funding my projects, and bring my status up to Full Time Wordslinger.

Have a look at what I do, and I hope you enjoy reading it. Thank you!
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Once I've reached $200/month, I can invest in printing, stock, and wider promotion of the current books I'm working on, and have a clear and concise timetable for releases, instead of having to wait and see how finances shake out. My normal workflow will remain the same, with my scheduled works still coming at a regular pace, but additional time and funds can be spent on more long-term projects.
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