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About Tyrannicon

Running a Youtube channel is like a full time job, taking hours of work each day. As it's very time consuming it is my only source of income so if the Ad Revenue from the videos is low each month, I have to spend more time working elsewhere and less time on the channel. Youtube and my Network take around 50% of all Ad Revenue to begin with (along with no money being made on any mobile/cell phone views too) so I've had to create this page and turn to you, the Cohesive Unit for help.

I've tried to make it worthwhile for you to pledge by offering lots of rewards and exclusive videos, the list of Patron only videos on here are:

Throthgar in Skyrim Remastered: 12 vids lasting 3 hours & 44 mins.
TJ Laser in Mass Effect 2: 24 vids lasting 7 hours & 19 mins.
Zelda Breath Of The Wild: 52 vids lasting 26 hours & 23 mins.
Dark Souls 3 Hard Mod Rage: 62 vids lasting 22 hours & 59 mins.
Yakuza 0 Rage: 41 vids lasting 21 hours & 15 mins.
Wonderboy & The Dragon's Trap Rage: 7 vids lasting 2 hours & 22 mins.

Soul Calibur VI Tyrannicon Battle: 6 vids lasting 1 hour & 30 mins.
Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy: 27 vids lasting 8 hours & 43 mins.
Skyrim Tales with Throthgar: 23 vids lasting 2 hours & 14 mins.
Castlevania SOTN: 14 vids lasting 6 hours & 44 mins.
Mega Man X2 Rage: 6 vids lasting 2 hours & 35 mins.
Bloodstained Curse Of The Moon: 6 vids lasting 2 hours & 36 mins.
Wasteland 2: 19 vids lasting 7 hours & 49 mins.
Mario Kart 8 Rage: 6 vids lasting 2 hours & 56 mins.
Odallus Rage: 7 vids lasting 2 hours & 15 mins.

Urban Reign Emo Rage: 15 vids lasting 5 hours & 7 mins.
Random Games: 30 vids lasting 13 hours & 57 mins.
Street Fighter V with Billy Hashtag:
11 vids lasting 6 hours & 1 min.
Bloodborne Revisited: 28 vids lasting 12 hours & 20 mins.
The Messenger: 11 vids lasting 3 hours & 30 mins.
Final Fantasy X With The Guru: 28 vids lasting 15 hours & 25 mins.
Bloodstained Ritual Of The Night: 10 vids lasting 4 hours & 11 mins.
The Walking Dead Season 2: 5 vids lasting 2 hours & 19 mins.
Yakuza Kiwami: 9 vids lasting 4 hours & 36 mins.
Retro Arcade Rage: 14 vids lasting 4 hours & 5 mins.

That's 192 hours & 55 minutes worth of exclusive Patron only videos!

I will be adding more stuff on here regularly (recently started a Crash Bandicoot rage playthrough which includes a TV smashing episode!!) so check back often to see what else has been added! Hopefully you feel there are enough benefits/rewards for joining and a big thank you in advance if you do!

Select a membership level
Pledge $5 or more per month
per month

Cohesive Unit Rank: Patron!


  • Gain access to over 192 hours worth of exclusive videos that I have made for Patrons only!
  • Receive the Tyrannicon ringtone/artwork package which includes pictures & catchphrases from Throthgar and the gang!
  • Access to my private Patreon news/blog where we can talk about all things gaming.
  • Receive a friend invite to my Steam/Xbox Live/PSN/Discord account.
  • Receive the private link to a Youtube playlist with all the music that I use on my videos such as on the Dark Souls let's plays and Skyrim videos.
  • Receive a special thank you credit in future videos! I will also include a thank you section in the description of every video with your name posted for helping to support the channel.
Pledge $10 or more per month
per month

Cohesive Unit Rank: Soldier!

  • All previous pledge rewards plus the following:
  • Receive your own personalised ringtone message from any character or Machinima that I've made, have Throthgar or TJ Laser say anything you want!
Pledge $20 or more per month
per month

Cohesive Unit Rank: Officer!

  • All previous pledge rewards plus the following:
  • Have a say in the content that I make, discuss your ideas with me for future videos and help decide what games I play each week and what Machinimas I work on next!
  • Get in direct contact with me and ask me anything, receive my personal email/Skype and be the first to know about all things related to the channel and future videos.

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