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Gryphaea Arcuata - Apostles Of Awful

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 Gryphaea Arcuata <Live Streams> <Blood Tips> STAGE ALPHA
"Welcome and greetingmalevolent wanderers... "

  "I want to welcome you to a peak behind the blanket of a darkness that is buried beneath the surface of us all. Though light refuses to be diminished by darkness, somewhat often a mind can find itself tinkering with a fabricated balance which weakens lights control of dark.. A particular kind of darkness that infects the soul has grown ravishingly strong in its slumber... Hiding,,, feeding and has surfaced into the mind of a mortal who knows nothing but war.
It is an era of true peril for light as the seed of blood is possessed by a haunting darkness that intends to wipe flesh from embracing the beauty of light again.. Isolating light to baron darkness."

Aloha My name is Jamie, I want to thank you for your visit. I am a motivated Digital Painter who aims to create drawings with storytelling which affects others with intrigue and unfamiliar satisfying way, sticks with them. And excites for more! It has become a core drive of mine to produce community backed diverse 2D art with inspiring narrative and design through illustration and concept art... With this particular goal i am excited to say being a graphic novel!

"Light relays on balance being restored and much is unknown to lights siblings, the calamity at foot!"
Huge thank you for your interest. Farewell.
Gryphaea Arcuata ( Vampire Gothic Graphic Fantasy Mythical Novel )

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{Project Gryphaea Arcuata} Web Comic/Graphic Novel

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