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About Tyroo

About the Artist
Hey, my name is Tyroo. I started drawing back in high school and really just... never stopped. I love what the furry community has brought to my life and I'm passionate about striving to improve and diversify my skills to I can provide quality content for those around me.

I work full time as a freelance furry artist to support myself through my second degree in medical lab science. Most of my content will be big men, girly boys, cute chubbos, trans girls, and transformation. 

Why Patreon?
I would like to start providing my own original content and merchandise for the fandom to enjoy, however my work schedule is constantly tied up with custom commissions for individuals. While I do greatly enjoy making custom work for people and do everything I can to satisfy them, I would love to also provide more content that has more personal passion and investment as I believe that's where people's best work stems from.

Why Become a Patron?
Every extra bit of financial earnings I receive here allows me to dedicate more work time towards those personal projects. To quantify this, I've set up goals giving some details as to what kind of work I'll be able to provide based on the gracious donations of you patrons. Some of my ultimate goals are to provide comic series and small animations with the kind of subject matter that my supporters have come to know and love.

By becoming a patron you'll gain access to an ever increasing number of rewards as you look higher in the tiers. Starting from early access to high resolution images as a thank you for small donations, to PSD files that give artists a view behind the scenes of how I work, to rewards that my potential commissioners would benefit greatly from such as private streams and locked commission slots.

Each reward is a thanks I can give for allowing me to provide my passion projects to the community.

Other Platforms
To see archives of my work and find updates beyond this site, please check the links below


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