Undercover Capes Podcast Network are creating Various podcasts for your entertainment!

The Podlist!

$2 /mo
Our eternal gratitude and welcome to the UCPN family! 

Street Level Hero

$5 /mo
Our undying gratitude and love and exclusive content via discord.

The Stack!

$10 /mo
Our eternal gratitude and an opportunity to win a stack of comics (12  Misc. Books) via an online raffle! (Raffle will happen once this tier has at least 10 patrons! Plus all of the above!

Monthly Hangout

$25 /mo
Each month, we WILL host an informal Town Hall-style Google Hangout with all  of our generous $25-and-up backers to discuss what we're doing, give a  preview of what's to come, and field your quest...

One-On-One Time

$100 /mo
For our extremely generous backers: have a one-on-one video meeting, once a  month, with 2 members of the UCPN family. We can talk shop, discuss pop culture and podcasts needs that are important to...