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🔬🤖 Our patrons form together as AGØ̈ÑA, ❝The Robot Dragon Space Bull❞—the supermassive sentient transformer AI robotic reptilian that duels as a mechanical humanoid bull, an alien native to another dimension, also known as the ❝Mega Valejestic Hero❞—and are composed of the ❝Strongest Materials in the Known Universe❞. 🐉🔭

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About Ecø̈scopia, LLC

❝No Man's Sky has a Patreon and it's for Activities❞

Welcome to the unofficial Patreon for the support of No Man's Sky, a fantasy science-fiction game set in an infinite, procedurally-generated universe.

Over 18 Quintilian Planets
585 Billion Years to Explore

Hey guys, this is Crim — Dr. Crimsontine Valejestic, CSD — and there’s a superabundant amount going on here. Simply put, the Valejestic family of 3 artists and 5 bands are altogether driving an NMS fund, supporting NMS eSports, an NMS seed site, NMS 24/7 TV, 2304 NMS Hubs across all 256 Galaxies, Ventures, Concerts & Music Videos in NMS, and other anomalous activities.

No Man's Sky Trust Fund

Crim's production studio is creating a "band of bands" and "developing projects" to honor HG creating an infinite universe and releasing all updates for FREE, and creating this campaign to enable us as a community of longtime players to have a way to give back.

We recognize that the grit HG put into NMS has helped ensure them as a well funded AAA gaming studio with titles sitting on retail shelves and selling in big numbers and has also allowed them to have a nice new office space.

So instead of being here to directly fund HG, we’re here to provide indirect support, by supercharging NMS activities and surrounding.

Support Hello Games creating No Man's Sky,
by supporting Ecø̈scopia creating UNINITI


Comprehensive List of Developing Projects


Consider supporting our separate Patreon campaigns — Electrifying your socials with ❝#UNINITI❞, and our YouTube channels and Twitch streams with chat, viewers, followers, subscribers, perhaps donations, or maybe an item from our wish lists, or albums, merch and swag.

Come join a husband, wife and 2 brothers, a family-band of professional artists, musicians and gamers. We don’t claim to be experts at anything, but instead learners at everything.

Okay guys...

❝Grab your nerdy rockin’ Crim shades,
cause we’re about to get geek with it.❞


Backstage Passes
Patron's Exclusive Theatre of Private Events & Hangouts

Concerts in No Man's Sky
Anomalous Performances across the Inaccessible Stars

Music Videos in No Man's Sky
Pixelated NMS YouTubers
Crim’s YouTube

Ventures in No Man's Sky
Transfigured NMS TwitchCasters

Ancient Airwaves
24/7 No Man's Sky TV Channel & Radio Station
Anomalous Signals & Otherworldly Ambiance

Crim's Comics & Mazes
Modern Genius & Advanced Micro-Mazes


No Man’s Sky eSports
Professional eSports Organization 
StarCoin, SkyCup & SpaceBowl Tournaments
❝Iron Man vs Super Bowl vs Star Trek❞

No Man’s Sky Seeds
A Seed Code Repository
Lifeblood DNA Behind an Infinite Universe
Starships, Multi-Tools, Freighters, Frigates, Aliens

Paradise Voyagers
❝The Federation of the Inaccessible Stars❞
Home of the fabled CrimTree & Everlasting Forest
All 8 corners & centers of all 256 galaxies, with Euclid center HQ
2304 hubs where no man was supposed to go


Our official primary store front of ❝Infinitive Swagger❞

Albums, Merch & Swag

🙼🙼 Official Artist Websites 🙽🙽
Projects, Crim's eBooks & Our Blog

Impossible Odyssey
A Sci-Fi Adventure Novel Series
By Author & Illustrator, Crimsontine Valejestic


Our genre of music and creative style, with sub-genres Ecø̈Art™ and Ecø̈Crafts™ (of Arts & Crafts), and musically Ecø̈Fusion™ (of World Fusion), Ecø̈Rock™ (of Rock), Ecø̈Pop™ (of Pop), Ecø̈Pella™ (of Acapella) and Ecø̈Bient™ (of Ambient), featuring an assortment of “Experimental Improvisation”, “Avant-Garde World Fusion” and "Semi-Abstract Realities".


The Band

Crim, Star & Vic create under their own Ecø̈Genre and hail from the "Inaccessible Stars" where no man was supposed to go. Anomalous in nature, they are humanoids originating from earth, having developed the ability to quite literally pixelate themselves between the physical universe and digital realities they cohabit. And upon doing so, their bodies are converted into procedurally generated pixels of transcendental technicolor.

❝Band UNINITI is homegrown in the No Man's Sky universe❞

Crimsontine Valejestic, Starzia Valejestic and Viconix Valejestic are a family. As a husband, a wife and 2 brothers, they are Variety Twitchcasters and YouTubers, professional artists, musicians and gamers. As lead by Crim, UNINITI™ (of Ecø̈Fusion™) is their primary brand and the lead “family-band” project of bands EvlnSpice™ (of Ecø̈Pella™), ORZØ̈™ (of Ecø̈Pop™), EclnPine™ (of Ecø̈Rock™) and AGØ̈ÑA™ (of Ecø̈Bient™).

█▄█ █▀█ █ █▀█ █ ▀█▀ █

UNINITI is derived from the words “Universe Infinity” and therefore means “Unity”. ECØ̈ from Ecø̈scopia is derived from “ecology” and the “Ø̈” resembles planetary rings with one moon and one distant planet, which together mean “anomalous interdimensional multiversal cohabitation”. And so it is that, when in combination…

UNINITI and ECØ̈ represent “World Unity”.


The Studio

Ecø̈scopia, LLC (aka ECØ̈; with “o”, “ø” or “ø̈”) is an independent record label, publishing house and production studio owned and operated by CEO, Crimsontine Valejestic, featuring his creative family of 3 artists, 5 bands and lots of developing projects.

Simply put,
Crim is the “CEO of ECØ̈” 

“O” represents a planet (signifying birth). “Ø” represents a planet with rings (signifying completion). “Ø̈” represents a planet with rings, one moon and one distant planet (signifying the greatest purpose and fulfillment). Regardless of spelling (Ø-with/without-umlaut or slash), O, Ø and Ø̈ are here pronounced beyond human comprehension, although arguably accepted as a strong English “O”.

It is believed that an entire language exists around the circumference of a spherical orb.

Ecø̈scopia is derived from ECØ̈ and "microscopic telescopic" meaning "all things great and small, regardless of distance or differences between them all", representing an intrinsically spiritual state of mind, which in combination is the name of the place where both the spiritual heavens and the physical universe reside, "the universe of all universes", "the heavens of all heavens"...

Ecø̈scopia—The Realm of All Realms


One root. One tree. One love.
"God is love"
1 John 4:8, 16

$0 of $1,000 per creation
How do we ignite this rocket? 

❝A vast universe in an app.❞—How does this even exist? It is explained and yet we still do not fully grasp. So many updates and yet still so much untapped potential!

STEP 1: Gather Di-Hydrogen

Starting out—I'm not going to charge patrons or deliver ❝Private Event & Hangouts❞, merch or paintings until I reach at least $1000—about 50 patrons at the $20 tier.

When I reach $1000 per creation, I’ll get a Chinese Guqin (古琴 literally meaning "ancient zither"), which is a plucked seven-string fretless baritone / bass zither.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 20 exclusive posts
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