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is creating videos about fighting scammers
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About Ufo Pilot

Tracking and hunting down MS technical support scammers, IRS, SSA & CRA scammers, fake loan companies and many other scams using white hat hacking.

Besides this, live streams like 'Scammer Radio'  to rise awareness about these scams.

Humor also comes into play during the 'Floating in Scammer Space' live streams. These live streams are primarily intended to waste the time of scammers.

Thereby, I maintain the website www.scambait.club.
This website is especially for scambaiters.  Scambaiters can find here tips and tools I programmed for scam-baiting.
$36 of $500 per month

Setting up an extra PBX server for call flooding scammers.
Call flooding is generating heavy traffic to phone systems of  scammers.
In this way their (toll-free) telephone number cannot be reached. It also costs scammers money, because they have to pay for every connection made to their phone number.
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