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Okay this is something special.  So I'm going to give the first 100 people everything in the "We're in the money" ($8) tier for $1.  So that includes the finished game.

You will also be credited in all videos from the point someone starts supporting me until the game is finished.  You also will get screen credit in the game itself!

And my undying loyalty! (With a personal thank you message, sent by email.)

I think your stuff is great but...
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 "I think your stuff is great but.." I either don't have much money, don't know much about you, or your content isn't so compelling as to persuade me to part with more money per month.   

I can understand, there are probably more pressing things that you need to spend your hard-earned moolah for, at the same time I think you should get something, not just my undying thanks.   

So with this tier you get 50% off of any game, AND any digital reward I produce for the lifetime of my Patreon page.  You also get a thanks in the credits of one of my development videos.

....aaaaaand my undying thanks!

I can see where this is going...
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"I can see where this is going.." I still probably don't have much money, but I can see some potential in you so I'm going to risk $4 a month.

You probably spend more than this on a certain online streaming video service that rhymes with PetTricks.  

Instead of 50% off of my games, you get the whole game for free. Well sort of, almost like it's free, I mean you are supporting me and all.

To sum up:

You get a free copy of my games for the lifetime of this patreon page, you still get 50% off any digital goodies I produce, such as soundtracks, art books, or whatever digital I produce for my games and a shout-out on one of my dev videos.




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About Uhfgood

My name is Keith.  I make games.  I wanted to start a patreon page early for a game I'm developing called Enchanted Lands.

Do I think you should pay me money for nothing?  Why Yes.  Actually No.  Actually I hope to start documenting the process of creating my game, so that eventually you might want to pay me just to see how it turns out, and cool stuff like free copies, who knows maybe even some physical merch.
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When I hit $10 a month I'll do a special video mentioning everyone who helped me get there (all 10 of you).  This will go to fuel my chewing gum obsession and general feeling of good will to all men and women.
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