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Hey everybody, Shae here. Thanks so much for finding your way to my Patreon page!

Thanks for being interested in what I do, I'm honored! And thanks to those of you, family and friends, who've been cheering me on and supporting me for all these years... this is only possible because of YOU!

For those of you who know me, you know I'm passionate about producing, performing & directing multimedia productions that combine shadows & projected imagery with puppets and masks. Many of you have seen my performances or taken classes with me over the years, whether these were:

  •  "Everyman, 2012" at Portland Community College 
  • At the Mighty Tiny Puppet Theater at the Oregon Country Fair ("Monkeyheart," "The Battle Between the  North Wind and the Sun," "The Revenge of the Terrible Black Snake," "Petronella," "Silent Bianca")
  • While I was a Grad Student in Theater at UCSC or Portland State University ("Haroun & the Sea of Stories," "Bitchin'tella!" "Goblin Market," "Tsunemasa," "Voices at the Gate.")
  • During my sojourn as an Emerging Artist at the Eugene O'Neill Puppetry Conference in Waterford, CT ("Three from Elee," "Songs from the Three-Penny Opera")

If you'd like to see some images from these productions, please check out my website:

I love what I do, and I love sharing it with others. In the Summer of 2017 I taught a mask making class, "Soul Faces" at "Marrow," A Youth Organization & Community Center in North Portland, Oregon. This class used storytelling and imagery to take participants on a journey into their imaginations, where they explore ideas and imagery for art and mask projects. I'm excited to be delving deeply into these topics.

How you can help: You can help by offering me moral support and by helping me network! Do this by liking and commenting when I post new images and videos and by sharing information within your networks whenever I post about new performances, events, and classes!

Other ways you could help: You could become my Patron! For as little as $3.00 a month, you can be part of "Team Uisna" and let me know you like my work and think the world's a better place for having me and my crazy art & productions in it. It's the ultimate "thumb's up"!

I'm still working out the details of all the various tiered "benefits" for each level of sponsorship; things like, "You'll be listed as a Sponsor on all new videos," or "You'll receive a business card-sized ad in any of my print programming," or "I will include a link to your website on my website," or even, "I'll send you a Valentine, Birthday Card or Solstice/Holiday Card." Let me know what you think of all these "levels of support" so far. If you have any other crazy-creative thoughts about these, I'm all ears!

I do what I do because I love it, I have fun at it, and I'm good at it! I want to continue doing all of it and more. One of my goals, as a Creator with Patreon, is to teach my six-week course "Soul Faces," which "explores masks and the inner journey," and get reimbursed for all materials! Future goals are more ambitious: I want to create a Spring/Fall Equinox Parade and Puppet Festival, run a Summer Puppet Camp for kids, and remount my adult show, "Bitchin'tella! The Cajun Puppet Musical®"!

With your support, I can devote more time to my classes and create more awesome programming at Puppet Central (which is umbrella-ed by the Elisabeth Jones Art Center in downtown Portland!)

Thank you SO much for your love and support! 


$3.55 of $600 per month
This Summer, (2017), I volunteered my time as an instructor and bought all the materials and supplies for my students in my six-week course "Soul Faces," which explores masks and the inner journey. My first goal as a Patreon Creator is to teach the class again in the Fall (2017) and this time, get reimbursed for time and materials. 

With your support, I can devote more time to my classes and create more awesome programming here at Puppet Central and within my community of St Johns! 

Thank you SO much for your love and support!
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