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About Ullgryta

My name is Dagmar Vigdis Falkenstein. I have a project in Norway turning my sheepfarming from ordinary Meat farming to a sheepsanctuary where The sheep get to live because they are valuable individuals. In stead of producing Meat they Will get to live because they are beautiful individuals With Great personalities. As they produce wool anyway we shear them and make yarn of The wool. Vegetarian yarn That is made from happy sheep. As a bonus they keep The landskape open wich is Great for biodiversity and provides good conditions for many insects and plants. Offcourse economy is challenging in such a project. Therefore I realy need some support from People Who support my idear. If we get sponsors for 10 £ a month That is enough to keep one sheep alive for a year. If you Want to adopt your verry own personal sheep let me know by contacting me om [email protected]