Team UltraPedestrian - Ras & Kathy Vaughan

Team UltraPedestrian - Ras & Kathy Vaughan

Creating Hominid UP! -- a podcast guide to channeling your Inner Hominid

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About Team UltraPedestrian - Ras & Kathy Vaughan

The Hominid UP! Podcast, which is available exclusively to Patreon patrons, is your guide to learning how to channel your own Inner Hominid and access the hidden reserves of strength that make Ordinary Human Beings capable of Amazing and Extraordinary things. Through years of trial and error and self-experimentation, Ras and Kathy have developed their own unique approach to endurance adventuring focused on sustainability and enjoyment. Rather than peak athletic performance, the UltraPedestrian Ethos centers around reconnecting with the most fundamental Human experience: bipedal locomotion. Hominid UP! brings you Ras & Kathy's unique perspective on thru-hiking, ultrarunning, peak-bagging, fastpacking, mountaineering, and all things related to Human-powered adventure, with an eye toward respecting and reconnecting with our ancient Human origins. The Hominid UP! Podcast aims to inspire and enable you to Go Outside And Move Around with the goal of achieving Adventure Everyday. Human Beings are healthier and happier when they move through beautiful and challenging places, and the goal of the Hominid UP! Podcast is to contribute to our collective mental health as a species by getting more people moving around outside and inspiring others to do the same. In this modern age, the only way to truly experience your own Humanity is to connect with your Inner Hominid, Honor your Ancient Self, and Hominid UP!

Thank you for your love and support of two misfit adventurers who don't fit in to mainstream society. We can only be our best and truest selves when we are out on the trail moving through beautiful and challenging places and sharing those experiences with the world to inspire others to find their own version of 'epic', and with your help we can do that. Human Beings have incredible hidden reserves of strength. This is what enables mothers to lift cars off their babies. Our quest is to learn how to tap into those ancient abilities and share that with the world to inspire and enable others to pursue amazing feats of endurance, which in turn further inspires us onward and upward to greater heights. That's what we call The Circle Of Mutual Inspiration, and our goal is to continue and expand that cycle of positive influence. 

Historically, adventurers and explorers have been funded three ways: by their own personal fortunes, by monarchs and governments, and by private patrons. In the modern era, it's corporate sponsorships that fund these sorts of endeavors, and only elite athletes and under rare circumstances. An Earnest Shackleton or an Edmund Hillary or an Amelia Earhart would never have been funded under the current corporate sponsorship paradigm. That's why we are relying on private Patrons to fund our quest to find the limits of Human Endurance. Whatever level of support your are able and inspired to provide, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Working together, we can make the world a more amazing and inspiring place!
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