Umunhum Brewing (Um-un-um) -CA’s 1st & Only Cooperatively Owned Brewery

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About Umunhum Brewing (Um-un-um) -CA’s 1st & Only Cooperatively Owned Brewery

Umunhum Brewing is the first cooperative brewery in California. Incorporated in February 2013 as the San Jose Cooperative Brewery and Pub, our co-op was created by and for fans of craft beer, ale, cider, and other tasty fermented beverages.
As a tribute to our local heritage, the co-op was renamed Umunhum Brewing in early 2015, after Mt. Umunhum, an iconic peak in the nearby Santa Cruz mountains. The word “umunhum” is from the Ohlone language and means “resting place of the hummingbird.”

Time Line

October 2012 – About eight people got together for our first meetup.
November 2012 – A few of us decided to chip in $150 each to get this effort off the ground.
February 2013 – We incorporated as the San Jose Cooperative Brewery and Pub, Inc.
November 2014 – We starting the process of launching our new name: Umunhum Brewing.
July 2015 – We released our first beer: Hismen Sii Pale Ale.
March 2016 – We launched our new logo and brand for Umunhum Brewing.

We now hope to begin begin creating content that craft beverage enthusiasts will enjoy. If you’d like to learn how you too can own a brewery, check out our website:
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Right now we don't have a dedicated brewing rig for the brew pub.  We have several members who are home brewers, and we use whatever equipment they are able to bring on brew days.  We really need to get a dedicated rig that's set up for a standardized brewing style and batch size.  This will allow us to more accurately test recipes with consistency between batches, and will allow us to more accurately show how changes in the recipe can affect the outcome of the beer, hopefully making the information more useful not only to us but to our viewers.
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