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Welcome to the UnHoly Trio's Patreon! We appreciate your visit here!

What is the UnHoly TRio?

The UnHoly Trio is a group of young creators working together to create the webtoon 'Entrapped By Mirrors' . 

Who's part of the UnHoly TRio?

The group consists of three people with specific jobs! First, we have Choco: Choco creates out detailed architectural background by hand! This obviously takes a while to do plus lag. Second, we have Kat: Kat writes the story and plot! She also colors the characters and makes scenery background!  This too takes a lot of time! i haven't slept yet. Lastly, we have Megane: Megane draws our art! She also does the panelling and putting together the panels!

Why you should support us?

Well, we're working our hardest and putting our all into this comic! We would really appreciate the extra support! We've stayed up till 3 AM working on this comic, and thus we've ran into some health issues back and wrist problems. By supporting us, you can keep us motivated and working! Maybe we can also lessen our working shifts to focus more on this webtoon! 

What if I don't have money? :(

Not an issue! Just by reading, subscribing, giving it a heart, and sharing is enough for us! You, the readers, are the ones that mostly keep us going! So, just don't forget to read, share, subscribe, and heart! 

Thank You So Much! :)))

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