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About Jay Unarmed

This Patreon page is to help fund making videos of myself interacting with the world using my feet. I was born without arms, scoliosis and a left hip that never formed properly causing my hip to be in a perpetual dislocated state, my left leg is also about 8" shorter than the right, but what the hell, life goes on. I am married and have a 10 month old son named Jude.

The goal of this is to share a portion of my life and maybe can encourage a person or two that you can do just about anything if you are stubborn enough.

I will be making Youtube videos and stream on Twitch. 4 Ideas I have for video topics are:
Unarmed Dad: Where I interact with my son, will be uploading a video shortly where I give him a bath.
Unarmed Boxing: Where I do some unboxing, already have a couple videos on Youtube
Unarmed Gaming: Stream playing games using my feet.
How To Unarmed: Where I do more day to day things like cooking & tending to my weed plants.

So if any of this interests you and would like for me to continue creating content like this, any support would greatly be appreciated.
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