Unbox Authority is creating Unboxing & Review YouTube Videos

A Helping Hand

$1 /mo
Every penny really does help to make our content happen. Especially when it's a small channel like us. That is why you have our gratitude for supporting us in our endeavor. That way we can keep bri...

A Team Member

$5 /mo
With every dollar it helps us keep going. And as a Team Member you will have your name in the description of every video we produce (During the month you are active).

A Team Creator

$20 /mo
Helping us turn the corner on making our channel sustainable. As a Team Creator we will give you an on screen credit in a monthly video, letting our audience know the impact YOU had on making it po...

A Crew Member

$60 /mo
In this tier we will verbally thank you for your support in a monthly video. Forever letting people know that you are a Crew Member and have helped make a difference in and to our channel.  (Also g...

A Leader

$120 /mo
Becoming a Leader gives you the authority to pick a product for us to unbox (up to a $100 value) for one video each month. We will also give a direct shout-out as a Leader on our channel in that vi...