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About Unbroken Geek

Gaming today is issential part of peoples life, and like other fellow gamers i think sharing those experiences with others gives a bigger pleasure than playing solo.

My fellow new and old friends i would like to share my journeys and experiences from computer games from single player games to MMO's. 

Your support will help to produce content on the Twitch and YouTube channels. While on twich playing games will be main content, on youtube it will be more diverse.

Here are some of the games which are likely candidates for co-op playing and regular streaming content: Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Smite, Warframe, Dishonored, TES Online, EA (yeahh i know)  Star Wars Battlefront. 

Youtube channel will include Game exploits, life stories, history of games, bit of music and many more.

Lists are not final and open for suggestions.

In the time when so many developed franchases are at their peak, like Marvel superheroes and other sci-fi movies and games. Its amaizing to be geek.

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