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About Uncensor Pat

Relatively recently, the online PC game distribution platform Steam has started allowing more mature games onto its store. An unfortunate caveat to this, however, is that many of these games are required to be censored, typically for nudity and sexual content, in order for them to be allowed to be published on the store. It used to be worse than it currently is, however Steam's historic averseness to adult content and trigger-happy game removal streak means many develops feel more comfortable not putting explicit adult content in their Steam game releases.

Luckily, developers aren't leaving their customers high and dry (so to speak). Developers of these censored games are providing "uncensor patches", allowing the full glory of their games to be revealed, even if they have been bought through the restrictive Steam storefront. These patches come in various shapes and sizes, and typically the information surrounding these patches comes from a variety of sources, which can make it hard to track down whether or not a patch even exists, and if so, where.

The current system for retrieving these uncensor patches, or even finding out if they exist for any given game, is a complete shambles. It takes too long, requires too much digging, and the download sites for these patches tend to be questionable at best (on top of the reliance that what you're downloading is legitimate anyway).

This is why I'm creating UncensorPat.ch, a Steam uncensor patch database that:
  1. Allows for quick and easy checking if an uncensor patch exists for any given game
  2. Gives a consistent and reliable source for finding uncensor patch information
  3. Provides tested instructions for how to install the patch
Together we can give this community the infrastructure it deserves!
48% complete
Meeting this goal will mean that the basic costs of running UncensorPat.ch are covered, and the site has become financially self sufficient for the current load! This would be a great step towards ensuring the longevity of the site.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts

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