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About Underground Theater

At our core, we are a LOT of Live Action Role Play (LARP) Troupes who have networked together to play the games we most enjoy, in a way we can all enjoy it.

"Underground Theater is a 501c7 nonprofit LARPing organization connecting World of Darkness troupes in a worldwide network of games. Our focus is on building a community of friendly, like-minded gamers within fun, welcoming and safe games using a minimalist approach to administration, a uniform set of rules and a player-focused storytelling mentality."
-Underground Theater Mission Statment.

With that in mind, Underground Theater is working hard to automate many of its internal functions. With the help of its Proprietary and Intellectual Property, we want to help facilitate the growth of a friendly, safe and positive "Ground-Up" LARP network. All funds gained beyond the operating expenses of Underground Theater are used to help facilitate the players' best possible LARP experience.

Over the half-decade plus years that Underground Theater has existed, we have looked over what was needed and tested the technologies we had available to us and have worked to further incorporate what we have cumulatively built as a network of geeks, to benefit our player base.

Utilizing Yorick (Our character database system), and Borick (Yoricks Discord Bot "Little Brother"), we have created a new way for our players to interact with one another out of character, facilitate game styles of all types from LARP to Tabletop Role Play, and whatever else you may think. We have you covered.

Yorick- Yorick is a Character Database inspired by and designed to facilitate the character sheet game mechanics of World of Darkness LARP gameplay in Underground Theater. It is required to be used when playing in an official Underground Theater LARP or Online game. You can also pay your patronage through him! ($20 per year)

Borick- Borick is a Discord Bot inspired by and designed to help facilitate the administrative functions of Underground Theater by helping to manage the player populations with several
Optional Opt-In Commands, resource links, and support options. These commands will allow both players and staff to easily and transparently manage the games they create and interact with so everyone can have fun!

While Borick has several game tools unrelated to LARP at his disposal, he is also capable of "throwing chops" for players, helping players find important UT information, helping players and staff identify personal game preferences through roles, and facilitating community and group game activities outside and alongside of Underground Theater LARP events.

By utilizing Patreon, Yorick, and Discord/Borick, our goal is to create a fun, safe, easy and customizable networked play experience.


All references to the World of Darkness LARP, Vampire, Werewolf, Changeling, or content associated with theses terms are the property of WhiteWolf and Paradox Interactive.

All current references to game mechanics regarding these I.P. owners are the property
of By Night Studios.

Yorick- https://patron.undergroundtheater.org/
Underground Theaters Facebook Page- https://www.facebook.com/UndergroundTheater/

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We will start doing Underground Theater Fireside Podcasts!
Patrons will get to listen to discussions between staff about various topics chosen by the patronage.
(Note- Topic discussions are only a means for everyone to get to know each other and do not represent a verdict or finality.)
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