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About Underground Writers

Underground Writers
is a resource for new and emerging Australian writers. We publish a quarterly zine featuring the best new short fiction and poetry sent to us by writers from around Australia. 

We have been in operation since 2009, when Underground was imagined and founded in a small university in Western Australia. Since then we have published over 30 issues, featuring over a hundred writers who have contributed hundreds of pieces of creative writing in various forms, and have been the home of numerous volunteer editors.

What we currently do:
  • Four times a year we release the Underground Writers zine containing the best creative writing from our submitters. Prior to each issue our editors read, discuss and critique each submission, then we contact the authors with our feedback and work with them to improve their work for publication
  • Giving in-depth feedback is what makes us different from other creative writing zines, as we always give feedback, whether we ultimately publish the piece or not, and when we can we offer alternative publications for the author to submit to, if their piece is unsuitable for Underground
  • We also release new content each month in the form of interviews with industry professionals, reviews of new books, listicles of books and bookish items, and a round up of submission and event opportunities for writers, editors and artists
  • In 2020 we launched the Junior Editor program, where take on two new and emerging writers or editors and mentor them through a six-month period, during which they write book reviews, conduct interviews with industry professionals, attend literary events, and participate in the editorial process for the zine to receive hands-on experience working with authors

Titles reviewed by the Underground team in 2020

What we want to do, and what the money will go towards:
After running on no budget for years we decided that some financial resources were required to realise our big plans. Until 2017 we hadn't been able to pay our contributors as we are un-funded and do not charge a submission fee or a subscription fee for the UW zine. So through our Patreon supporters we are able to:
  • Pay contributors a standard rate per piece of work published
  • Commission cover artwork from a new or emerging artist for each issue
  • Maintain our website
Our funding milestones
$120 per month will see us able to pay our contributors a reasonable fee for their writing, as well as maintain our website
$200 per month will mean we can also commission an artist to illustrate the zine
$250 onward will allow us to print copies of the zine

Please note
This project is set up as a monthly pledge, but we release issues every three months, so the money gathered over the previous three months will go towards paying writers and cover artists at the end of those three months.
What you will receive every month is exclusive first access to all of our original content including blog posts, interviews, reviews, listicles, and the quarterly issues.

And if a one-off donation is more your jam we are still incredibly grateful for your support!

Also, the dollars on Patreon are US dollars, so the monthly amount will change slightly depending on exchange rates.
$30.11 of $120 per month
Our first goal is to reach $120; this money will enable us to pay our writers for the work that we publish.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 152 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 152 exclusive posts

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