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-A special Thank You! from yours truly.

-Access to (patron only) project artwork,updates, screenshots and other goodies.
-Access to the patron only feed, post messages to me and other patrons.
-Give feedback on current games/projects.

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*A Little About Me

    Currently 33 years old, I'm a game designer, artist and Twitch streamer. I love making unique games with unique artwork. Games give me the power to bring my creations to life!
     I work on games and projects alone, a one man team. All artwork, programming and game design is done by yours truly.

    Currently looking for some Patrons to help with the development of my current project, Since my projects most times are lengthy ones, donations will be done monthly. New game content/Updates, screenshots, videos and concept art will be added weekly. 

    Currently in the prototyping phase for a game I currently call Legions. Base building, turn based combat and a dash of exploration.

*What I use:
-Photoshop (Game Art)
-Wacom Cintiq 27 HD Tablet (Game Art)
-Game Maker Studio 1.4 (Programming)
-Audacity (Sound FX)
-Spine (Animation)

*What You will get:

-That warm fuzzy feeling you get knowing you are supporting something completely unique and new.
-Access to (patron only) hand painted artwork, videos, games, screenshots and other goodies added weekly.
-Grow with my projects and help shape them.
-Rewards will change as projects change.

*Where does your money go?

-New audio/music/sound effects for my projects. 
-New promotional content and trailers.
-Monthly Photoshop fees.
-Monthly/yearly WordPress fees.
-Bills and food.
-Entree fees for yearly contests.
-Equipment maintenance. 

With monthly support I can continue devoting more and more time to my games, art and streams.

Current Project
Code Name: Legions

Prototype Phase

Build your own shanty town in a snowy post apocalyptic world. Battle the robotic horde as shell pilots using a fast paced turn based combat system.


Past Work And Finished Projects Below

2018 Uagi-Saba
Finished, now available on Steam! Thanks a bunch for your support!

Harvest resources, research artifacts and build an underground base to care for/breed magical creatures called "Mystics" all with their own unique genetics and traits.

2015 "Trigger Saint" 
Finished, now available on Steam. Thank you so much for your support.

"The Underlings"
1.6.5       Finished Project, available on Itch.io

"Override" 2014  
This project is finished and available on Itch.io


"Into The End" 2014

"Quasar" 2013

"Little Fuzz" 2012-2013

$0 of $20 per month
The first milestone.This would cover my monthly Photoshop fees.
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