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Thank you so much for supporting me on Patreon.  I won't forget the kindness of those who stepped up to help out so early in production. 

- You'll be first in line to test the Alpha

- You'll receive a copy of Undergrowth at launch

- I'll be putting together a secret extra special something to show my appreciation for each of you!




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First of all, thank you all so much! I can't even begin to explain how encouraging it is to have such wonderful people give their support (both monetary and through messages) at such an early stage in development. I'm so happy (and relieved!) other people can see Undergrowth's potential and want to play this game as badly as I want to complete it.

Who am I?
Hi, I'm Dmetri, the sole member of Hyper Salt Interactive (currently!) and I've been programming Undergrowth for the past 8 months. I've spent the past ~11 years teaching myself to program in my spare time. I'm passionate about video games, procedural generation, and developing complete game engines. I own exactly 1 cat. As a child and a teen I spent a lot of time sketching and I wasn't too bad at it, so I'll very likely be producing most of the final art for Undergrowth. Currently I've already made the placeholder art which will be refined when a few more of the larger programming pieces are in place.

Why Patreon?
I'd like to spend more time developing Undergrowth and have the funds to contract music for the game. With your help I won't need to pick up extra work and I'll be able to give a fair wage to anyone I hire!

Perks of being a Patron:
At the moment all my founding patrons are guaranteed an alpha download ahead of anyone else (hoping to have that complete by the end of 2018), a free copy of the game (valued at ~$19.99) on release, and a very special reward is in the works only for founding patrons as well.

What is Undergrowth?
Undergrowth is an open-ended PC farming sim with a survival/craft heart - as such, you will find the best aspects of each genre mixed in with a few new and revitalized mechanics! The game has been developed from scratch using the D programming Language so extensive mod support could be built right into its core. (Further posts will go more in depth about the game, its mechanics, and the story it tells).

Early Development Screenshot of Terrain Destruction:

You awaken on a tiny isle in a sea of chaos; you're tired, hungry, and demoralized. Do you have the mustard to make yourself a new life and keep the creatures from the depths at bay? Will you find other lost souls to assist you on your adventure, or will you tough it out alone? Can you adapt to what the land provides and make the most of it, or trade it all in for another spin of the wheel?

- Expand your Island with 16+ Biomes!
- Explore Dungeons, Dig through Caves, and Dive deep into Underwater Lairs!
- Equip amazing Weapons and Armor! (ok, maybe some of it is dinky, but the good stuff is cool!)
- Use your Tools to Till the earth, Smash Rocks, Chop Trees, Fish... Fish! Et Cetera!
- Better yourself by stuffing your face with hands down the best Hunger Mechanic to date!
- Grow, Evolve, and Consume over 150(00?) Plants and Animals (and Fungi!)
- Befriend eccentric Characters and invite them into your community! To work for you!
- Fall in Love, get Married, PROCREATE! (with literally anyone!)
- Defend your Crops, Animals, and Village from pretty much everything!
- Keep everyone's Morale up... or pay the price!
- Cook, Craft, and Build hundreds of useful (and delicious) Items and Structures!
- Hone your Magical Abilities while you Sleep! By releasing your Soul and doing cool stuff!
- Experience the Changes of the 4 Seasons!
- Play Solo or Online Multiplayer!
- Super Easy Modding (Lua & YAML/JSON)!
- Use a Keyboard/Mouse or Controller and easily configure to your preferences!
- Has destructible 3D voxel maps with a 2D pixel aesthetic!
- Develop a civilization! Trade! Work the Economy!
- Take a break and relax at a Festival!
- Discover [an undisclosed amount] of Secrets and Easter Eggs!
- Defeat the Ultimate Challenge which lurks beneath the surface!
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Upon reaching my first 10 Founding Patrons I'll be showing off Creature Concept Art!
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