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is creating A Gaming Directory for the OG Xbox Console.
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About Undisputed Xbox

My aim with this site is to create an in-depth directory of the OG XBOX game library. At first I have focused on the PAL catalogue only, but will eventually be adding sections for JAP & NTSC exclusives. I have many other ideas for sections and they will be added over time.

So far, Version 1 of the website is live and has the full (To the best of my knowledge) PAL catalogue available with individual pages for each game.

Website Link: https://undisputedxbox.co.uk/

If I can help it, I would prefer for this website to remain Ad free because I believe it keeps the site pure. This is why I have chosen to go down the Patreon route. I will be working on ways to incorporate patreons into the creation of the site as I would like to keep it as a 'For Gamers, by Gamers' kind of thing. Any contributions would be helpful and please watch this space for updates :)
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Starting small, just want to see if anyone actually reads this :)
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