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| My Purpose Statement |

"You are filled with so much potential.
There's a glimmer of a flame ready to be kindled into a roar.
So much of who we are is shadowed and dimmed by our everyday life's expectations.
Let this be your moment to permit yourself to shine and let go! This is a place where I share my purpose as a human being to aide you on your quest to fulfillment. Whether it is a fitness, wellness, or spiritual path that calls to you, allow me to pave the way for you on discovering your destiny..." -Naria Mercado

About Me*~

I am a certified ACE group fitness instructor, Pop Pilates instructor, AAAI-Stress, Relaxation, and Meditation instructor, and tarot practitioner rooted in South Jersey. I am a mother, the host to [un]Fit to Speak Podcast, and survivor to Post-Partum Depression/Childhood Trauma. Having battled with my mental health issues even years before having my daughter, I can finally say that I have overcome the darkest hours. I have lost close to 60LBS on my fitness journey, but I have gained so much more...
My spiritual roots have been reawakened and it has become clear that without a connection to your higher self, there can be no balance or maintenance in your fitness journey.

~*My Mission*~

My desire is to connect the gap between our physical bodies and our spiritual bodies. Using the mind and body method as a guide to break through our transformations and maintain our vibrancy throughout our life. Using my podcast as my main platform to project the importance of this concept to the masses is a passion of mine. My intention with this Patreon is to not only sustain my vision for the long term, but to also cultivate a community dedicated to their personal growth based on these concepts.

If you are interested in receiving a tarot reading from me please email me directly on
[email protected] for more details.

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Tarot Embodiment Mini Courses where we harness a different Major Arcana message.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
Audio releases
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