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Your name will appear at the end of my videos, you can help me decided on topics via polling here and privet discord server.

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Tier one stuff and group chat on google hang out

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Tier one and two stuff and access to bloopers and such. Some times there is nothing. Sometimes there is some funny shit. 

Definitely not Jesus
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All the other stuff and a birthday video chat. I can't promise it'll be on the exact day, but we'll get it as close as we can!

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You get all the other stuff, but for this one I'll say your name at the end of my video in addition to having it on screen and I'll post the scripts for my videos as soon as I've finished writing them.




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About Unholy Sara

If you're here, hopefully you already know my channel. I talk about atheist and secular issues. I believe that religion isn't harmless and I'd like the chance to show you why. 

I was raised a Christian. I was very into into it, heavily indoctrinated. Now I want to speak out against some of the thing I fought for in my teen years.  I want to make up for the harm I caused and hopefully help some people out. 

I've had many suggestions of books to read and equipment to buy to improve my channel but I can't afford any of it. So if you're willing and able to help out, thanks! 
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When I get 20 patrons we'll do a celebration group chat with all of us! (or at least however many can come)  
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