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Welcome to Doug's Darkworld: War, Science, and Philosophy in a Fractured World. This is the new/companion version of my old Doug’s Darkworld blog. I publish three public articles a week, and patron only articles as my time permits.

Who am I?
I’m a sixty odd year old ex-Marine and retired tradesman. I’ve been told I look like a Hell’s Angel on his day off. I’m an ignostic Episcopalian who ascribes to no ideological or political school. I have spent this life marvelling at the amazing world we live on. And wondering how it is that humans could easily make Earth into a paradise for all, and instead have created a dystopian world of unbelievable wealth inequality, violence, and ecological destruction. It’s no wonder the aliens haven’t contacted us yet.

What am I writing about?
I’m a proponent of science and reason. I write about science, history, current events. Sometimes fiction, true crime, and alternate history. Basically anything I think is interesting to write about. I am pretty much a skeptic, so I won’t be writing as an advocate of woo or conspiracy theories. Somehow in a Golden Age of conspiracy theories, I am immune to them. Vaccines work and Bigfoot doesn’t exist. Frankly I miss the good old days when one could say “The Earth is round” or “Nazis are bad” and everyone within earshot would agree.

Why do I write?
I write because I like telling stories. I write because people enjoy my writing. I write because it’s the closest I will ever get to immortality. Mostly though, I write because since I was a young man I’ve felt a compulsion to make the world a better place. And writing appears to be my vehicle for doing so. Even if just to bring a smile to a face. And now, with mortality staring me down, I write because I have to. And if I do get lucky and live another 20 or 30 years, it means I’ll get a lot of writing done. Win win.

Why should people support me?
I’ve been agonizing over this paragraph for weeks. Then it hit me, just freaking ask. What do I have to lose? Please support my writing efforts. A few dozen modest patrons would make all the difference in the world. The price of a Starbucks coffee a month. Just go to my Patreon site (if you’re not already there) and sign up. I know I have lots of readers. People are signing up en mass to my Wordpress site. The bulk of my writing will always be public, I am writing for art, this is not a commercial venture. I still need to eat. I’m going to start offering special bonuses too for new patrons. Suggestions welcome, what would it take gentle reader, to get you to become a patron?

Thank you.
Thank you.

(Copyright © 2019 Doug Stych. All rights reserved.)

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When I get to 100 patrons I will be able to devote much more time to writing. I thank you for your support.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 23 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 23 exclusive posts

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