Unorthodox is creating written works across text, audio, and video mediums

Patron-Only Feed

$1 /creation
When I begin writing for the month I make a post sharing what I hope to complete. Hopefully this whets your appetite for what will be in the pipeline.

Credit By Name

$5 /creation
On my websites, videos, and other mediums, I'd like to let the world know who supports me. This can be a real name, stage name, online persona, business, or creative handle. 

Collection Plate

$10 /creation
Giving at this level benefits not only me, but will extend to at least one other creator. Be they one I am following on Patreon or supporting a craftsman or performer in the physical world I will k...

Beat the Average!!!

$13.33 /creation
Pledge more than the a-ver-age patron to be included in a small video update of my plans for the month. Pic-a-nic baskets will be optional. 

Patrons' Parlor (Tier I)

$15 /creation
These entries on WordPress are password protected. At their base, they are rough drafts of finished works. This is some insight into my writing process before I begin polishing articles.


Partner in Patronage

$20 /creation
At $10 I give at my discretion, but here you can help me choose who and how to give to creators! Do we pick from my files of local misfits? Is there a creator we share a passion for? Do we double u...

Article Party!

$30 /creation
I always take a huge breather whenever I finish an article. If you'd care to join me for whatever I do to aid in my relaxation this is the tier to be in.

Patrons' Choice

$35 /creation
Throwing some good coin around, eh? Select a topic, any topic, and I will write at length on it. I will be willing to fulfill this obligation once a season. I may ...

Patrons' Parlor (Tier II)

$45 /creation
I realize the world I write in and that not all thoughts are necessarily appropriate. I have the tact to remove them. However, I can also share my rougher insights with you all too...

Pristine Parchment

$50 /creation
Are you a fan or collector? Choose from any of my poems or shorter offerings. I will hand-write and sign the piece for you to keep, with a separate Thank You Letter of Authentication

Patrons' Parlor (Tier III)

$100 /creation
I have some works that I feel are marketable enough to pitch. I guard these jealously, but I may be willing to discuss them for the right price. While I change the...