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    I'm inviting you to my private membership group's MONTHLY unschooling workshop. It's like being at a conference - but only $10! No travel!  I wanted to find a way to thank you for sticking with this - you supporting me, me supporting you! The workshops are hosted on Zoom, so you'll receive a notification of the details and how to participate by email and that post will stay here at Patreon as well!

    September Topic: "What is your 'Why?'" - as in, WHY are you choosing to unschool when most of the world is going in a different direction?
  • Videos about Unschooling
    I'm going to share the videos I've done (or I'm doing) here first. Sometimes I do these for FB groups who have asked me to be a guest speaker - but then MY peeps never see them! Not anymore! Now my Unschooling Boosters will!
    They may eventually get cleaned up for YouTube... but for now, you're getting the unlisted URL.
  • Homeschooled Teens: 75 Young People Speak About Life without School (digital version)
  • Unschooling Your Teen Ebook
  • Digital Collection of Unschooling Gratitude Graphics
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About Sue Patterson

I've been helping other home educating families for decades now. Ever since we pulled my son out of public school in 1996, we've been talking about learning and parenting and unschooling (even when we weren't so sure about the word yet!) with anyone who was curious. So now the kids are grown and instead of retiring like most veteran unschooling mamas, I've decided to stick around! I have all sorts of tips and resources for those coming after me! I love what unschooling did with my own kids and I want you to have the family life I know is possible.

Hello, Friends!
Thanks for checking out my Patreon page!

Volunteering, problem-solving, and creating resources is what I love to do! 

With that in mind, I founded Unschooling Mom2Mom with a few online friends - and now it has garnered a social media following of over 35K!! We've created a kind and inspiring place that helps families figure out what to do when school isn't working for them on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest and YouTube. (and a little bit on Twitter, but I can't really wrap my brain around that one!)

So here's a little bit about how I spend my day:
  • I'm a website creator. Our fabulous curated website has all the best unschooling writers, video-makers, podcasters linked. I know who's good and who's, umm, not. I'm adding to it all the time.
  • I'm an Instagram enthusiast. I've been diving into IG, inspiring and encouraging families visually. I love creating new graphics to share and I'm about to launch our own Unschooling IGTV! 
  • I'm a Facebook fanatic. I answer questions from parents who join our huge Facebook groups. I spend a lot of time in there because I want there to be a place that new people can come to get solid answers to their unschooling questions from moms who are kind, compassionate, and most of all, remember what it was like to be new! Families who tried other homeschooling methods, or just can't seem to make unschooling work for them also come for advice and help. 
  • I'm a compulsive writer. I've blogged since 2007! I have a book: Homeschooled Teens: 75 Young People Speak about their Lives Without School. It's available in print and digitally. I also have a new ebook: Unschooling your Teens. 
  • I'm a digital creator. I have courses, videos, and PDFs to help unschooling families no matter where they are on their educational journey. My Monthly Unschooling Guide is incredibly helpful to families who want to strengthen their unschooling foundation.
  • I'm a featured speaker. I speak at conferences all over the country but also on podcasts or in magazines.
  • I'm an Unschooling Moms' Retreat host/creator! And I have another on the calendar for next spring!
  • I'm homeschooling/unschooling coach for families who need group or 1:1 support as they venture out into this exciting unconventional world! I do a weekly coaching call for those in my group, Creating Confidence.
I want to continue to do ALL of this AND find innovative ways to help the bazillions of families who are streaming out of schools today (or out of homeschooling methods that drove them all nuts!) - and some are frantic to find a better life for their kids.

For instance, here are some of the things I will use your money for:
  • Website Hosting for UnschoolingMom2Mom, as this grows, so does the price. 
  • ConvertKit, a monthly expense for maintaining an email list and getting information out 
  • Teachable is a platform to host the webinars and courses that I'm working on for new unschoolers, those considering unschooling, and those who feel "stuck."
  • Continued time answering questions for free & hosting Unschooling Mom2Mom.
  • A "virtual assistant" to help me with all the behind the scenes stuff.
  • A Light and a Microphone to make the videos better.

I want to invite you to hang out with me in here, supporting my endeavors and helping us reach more families so they too can have a wonderful unschooling life!

Your support - at ANY LEVEL - is helping those parents who desperately need a kind place to land, where they can get questions answered and learn more about how to unschool. It means so much to me - and to those moms who don't have $1 to spare.

Thank you for helping to keep all the Unschooling Mom2Mom doors open!
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As you'll see, I have so many goals!  Every time I stop to envision what we could do for/with the unschooling community, more ideas come flooding in!

So first...
By supporting me here on Patreon, you're allowing me to have more time to figure out the best way to help others learn about how unschooling can work for them. I want people to always have access to really good free resources - and your patreon support helps keep the doors open!

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