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About Kimberley Crawford

Unspoken Gods is a universe I'm creating - and have been creating for years. It started as a passion project, but has become something bigger than that.

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Unspoken Gods is a universe made up of gods, angels, demons, and other creatures of fantasy. It takes place in many planes of existence, including our own. While the story in my head is focused around a core group of characters, I plan to use this project as a way to create art to drive the story and universe itself forward and create a more in depth experience for anyone willing to set foot in my world.

Each character will be introduced as I finish the art associated with them, so expect to learn more details as I share more work. In the future, I'd love to be able to share the stories I've written, and hope to write, along with the art you'll see here.

To keep up with updates and get sneak peeks of paintings as I work on them, become a member of the Unspoken Gods universe on Patreon.
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