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  • sneak peaks of new songs - demos or acoustic versions - help us choose which songs to record fully
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About Unsung Lilly

We are so glad you found your way to our Patreon page - a magical space for supporters of our music to join our Patreon Tribe.  Joining the Patreon tribe means access to exclusive content and videos, early listening to new music, voting on artwork and images, discussion on lyrical content, invites to meet'n greets at live shows, and lots more!

Our Plan
We've recently completed our #12songsin12months challenge, which was funded by our incredible Patreon tribe! Writing, recording and releasing a song every month, complete with music videos, lyric videos and behind the scenes videos was no easy task, and we completely intended to take a long break afterwards, BUT...we got the bug. We just can't stop writing!!! We're still dreaming up the plan for how to release our next songs (Album, EP, singles? There are so many options) but what we would LOVE to do is share this process of developing new music with you. This means sharing demos of new songs, the odd acoustic/live version, lyric ideas, video ideas, behind the scenes footage...

Sounds like fun? Join our Patreon tribe by paying a small regular fee, as little as $1 per month - see the tiers on the right for more info and benefits! Your fee will go towards supporting this process and helping with mixing fees, equipment, and hopefully collaboration with other people too. 

What we do
We are married couple, Sera & Frankie, and we are passionate about creating epic & empowering music! We're from the UK, but a couple of years ago we had the strangest urge to move across the world to the Southern California desert, lock ourselves away in a recording studio, and make some music...and we're still here! This year our plan is to make lots more music, and LOTS of live shows!

At the moment we do pretty much everything in house - Frankie plays 99% of all the instrumentation on our recordings (and yes we totally plan on recording more of those geeky 'this is how I do it' videos - lots of you have asked!), she also writes all the melodies and takes care of the production. Sera writes the lyrics, sings, develops the concepts of our songs, creates 99% of our music videos, and our online content. 

There's lots more to come and we can't wait for you to be a part of it! 
Sera & Frankie xxx
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When we reach 25 patrons, we're going to stream an intimate live performance for Patrons only!
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