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Become An Urban Explorer

$1 /mo
Become an Urban Exporer and join my community of patrons. Discuss about lost places and share your experience! 

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Name In The Credits

$3 /mo
 As a patron, you'll be recognized for making my work possible in the credits-section in my upcoming games. 

  • Credits on upcoming Game
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Special Progress Feed Access

$7 /mo
You will gain access to the progress feed where you can see pictures of 3D-Models, texturing, UE4 work, sounds, GIF's and more developer stuff.

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Alpha Builds

$15 /mo
Get access to alpha builds and feel free to give feedback.

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$25 /mo
Be my "Horror-Buddy" and email your little "horror-event" idea to me

Be my "Horror-Buddy": You got an idea for more horror events? Contact me and get the chance to see your ideas in ...


"The Chosen Patreon"

$50 /mo
"The Chosen One" is a special ending which can be achieved with an extremely low probability in my games - but with becoming a 'chosen' Patreon you'll get it without selling your soul for a little ...