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About Allen Versfeld

Back in 2009, I launched the Urban Astronomer website.  Over the years I've had a lot of fun, and even started my own hosting company to keep it running as reliably as I want it to!  While it was never one of the top astronomy resources on the Internet, I built a small loyal audience of several thousand.  Urban Astronomer managed to get listed as a citation on at least one wikipedia article (that I know of) and has been cited as a resource to solve any number of arguments about space and physics on chat forums.  So it's been a success in its own way.  
But that's not why we're here!  A few months back, after over a year of promises and plans, I launched the Urban Astronomer Podcast! It's a whole new level of fun, and I'm learning so much so fast, but it takes so much time!  Enough that I'm struggling to keep up with a regular schedule while also holding down a rather demanding day job as a software technician.
Hence, the patreon account! If I take the long view, I reckon that with your help I could quit that job and do this full time!  Full time means I can put out more episodes, produce videos, do more in-depth research and generally make a more entertaining and professional show.  And wouldn't that be cool :)
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When I reach 100 patrons, I'll write and record a major series of profiles on famous astronomers throughout history. Each profile will be published as a page on the Urban Astronomer website, and included as a featured segment of podcast episodes.
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