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Thanx so much.
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Thank you so much for your support. It's really appreciated.
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Thank you so much for your contribution. You've decided to be more aware of what's going on in society around you. You've decided to support free thought. And doing your best to learn more as go. 

Again. Thank you so much. 

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If you're at this level. You can message with a one sentence topic suggestion/request. And I'll make a video on it asap. 

You're starting to see how everything works. You are accepting how reality is. You're still optimistic but also more aware about the current situation. 

And for that you will get a 

Shout out in my next video for your contribution. 

Thanx so much. 




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About Urhoboman5

Hello. Welcome to my Patreon page. 

Let me give you guys a brief history of what I've done online. 
At first I started out posting videos about a manga series I wanted to create.
I then started posting clips of my favorite anime. Those got pulled.
I then started posting my original music created in FL STudio.

Eventually I began posting vlogs as well as rants about society, feminism, psychology, etc.
Right now I still focus on my vlogs, substantive series and music production.
I want to create more thought provoking series of videos, more vlogs and more music at a higher quality. 

Check out my content and if you like. Contribute a little so I can create even more. 
Thanx. :-)
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Hello supporters.
When I reach $100.00 a month, I'll be buying new equipment such as another Microphone, some audio recording software, some more harddrives for storage, Pop filter, Mic sound shield, etc.

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