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What. a. BADASS.
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Listen here my friend, with your $1 you will unlock access to our patron's only blog! Only there can you access bloopers, deleted scenes, pictures, videos, early notice on future works, and all the other fun stuff the team here at Ursula Major has planned for 2018!

What can we say other than THANK YOU and WELCOME! 

ooooooooooh! aaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

Sticker of the Month!
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Not only do you get access to the behind-the-scenes contributors blog, but you also join The Sticker of the Month Club! Each month we'll send you a new sticker. It might be one of the ladies we've covered on the podcast, it might be stickers from It's Personal, it could be stickers from a local woman artist, it really could be anything! 

Let us send you things!!!
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At this point, we think it's clear that this is more than just a casual friendship between podcast creators and listener. This calls for something special. 

How about this: 

  • We'll send you a square poster signed by Allison, Max, and the team here at Ursula Major Productions. 
  • We'll send you a FULL set of stickers and then enroll you in The Sticker of the Month Club
  • We'll get you into the behind-the-scenes blog

Also, we might fill the envelope with sequins, glitter, and/or confetti. Depends on how excited we get. 




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About Ursula Major Productions

          Hello friends!! Welcome to the Patreon page for Ursula Major Productions and THANK YOU for supporting female focused story telling! From creating The Bitchery of History and Bitch With Me to supporting and working with groups like It's Personal, your contributions and support allow this crazy group of friends to keep creating projects that are fun, inspirational, forward-thinking, and purposefully diverse. 

Our Projects:

          The Bitchery of History is a weekly podcast that explores the stories of women who made history, only to be forgotten by it. By the end of season 3, we will have told the stories of over 170 women and we've already been downloaded more than 80,000 times in more than 40 countries around the world! We take stories of women from any point in history and connect them with contemporary womanhood, addressing issues that women continue to face to this day.
          Bitch With Me is the newest podcast from Ursula Major Productions. Released every two weeks, hosts (and Bitchery producers) Janette, Kim, and Max dissect and bitch about the bullshit that women and their allies have to struggle against every. damn. DAY. Where The Bitchery of History does it's best to remain neutral and non-political, Bitch With Me is where the gloves come off and the T gets spilled EVERYWHERE.

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25 people standing shoulder to shoulder with us here at Ursula Major Productions would make us feel really loved and appreciated. 

25 patrons will allow us to invest in better editing software. This means we can release episodes quicker and at a better quality. 

We'll also name every single one of you on the podcast when we hit this milestone! THANK YOU for supporting us, quite literally, before anyone else. 
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