Carly Ozard is creating Use Your Voice

The Goods

$1 /mo
Thank you for this supportive start. It means a lot to have you on board. 

You will receive a FB/Twitter/Insta SHOUT OUT On Social Media.

You will receive a free d...


The Things

$3 /mo
Thrice the Thanks. Welcome aboard! 

You will receive two songs of your choice from my album Universal Child directly in your inbox, plus all previous rewards.

The Stuff

$5 /mo
Much Appreciation for your support!

You will receive a dropcard in the mail or via email of my debut album, Universal Child, plus all previous rewards.

The Moxie

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Thank You For Being A Friend! 

You will receive a custom designed piece of jewelry by me, plus all previous rewards.

The Pizzazz

$20 /mo

All previous rewards, plus a youtube and mp3 of any request you want me to sing. It can be dedicated to a loved one, or just for you! Mp3 to your inbox, Link...


The Force

$50 /mo
May the FORCE be with you!

You will receive all previous rewards, plus a custom made 45 minute concert for you in your home, or via Concert Window for you, your family and your frien...