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        Hi! I'm Utho!
        I'm a hobbyist musician, aiming to write enjoyable music that speaks to your imagination!

        Before you support, I will try to be as honest with you as possible in the following Q&A.
        Cheers! 💖

        Q: Why Patreon?
        A: To help fund the purchase of more software and hardware in the form of VST's and studio equipment, to improve and sustain my craft. As well as to maintain my website (UthoRiley.Com) to ensure I remain in full power when it comes to music distribution.

        Q: Will I get perks for supporting you?
        A: Nope! Not in the near term at least, as all my time goes out to creating music; however, in the future, I'd not be opposed to stuff like giving away access to a Discord channel, making the MIDI data and stems for my tracks available, and providing early WIP previews (to name a few ideas).

        Q: Will Patreon income result in you making MORE music?
        A: Nope! Even if I were to make a living off of music, I'd still only put out one song every week at most.
        I already spend 30+ hours every week writing and mixing music (excluding the creative process of coming up with ideas, which is a lifestyle in and of itself)…
        I physically and mentally wouldn't be able to bear any more.

        Q: So through my Patreon funding you guarantee us your content remains Royalty Free in terms of use?
        A: My content will remain Royalty Free regardless of Patreon Funding.

        Q: Then… what DO I get by supporting you?
        A: In short: higher-quality music in the long run, as well as better stability in the long run.
        Making music takes a lot of time, and a lot of money to fund the tools to be able to do so.
        If I wish to do this for the rest of my life for free, I'd need a concrete plan and financial structure in place to do so. Which luckily, I have!
        However, if you like what I do and wish to chip in a little to alleviate some of the pressure, then all support through Patreon is greatly appreciated <3

        No obligations though! I personally guarantee that everyone, with or without supporting me on Petreon, will always be able to listen to and use the music I provide freely.
        Cheers! <3

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