is creating an advanced, multipurpose discord bot.

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per month
UtilityBot Gold tier will unlocks personal perks and upgrades your specific UtilityBot account.

Premium Perks

• Exclusive "Premium User" In Our Official Discord Server
• Grants image permissions in #general
• Ad-free content • Removes all cool-downs between commands
• Ability to customize your profile and rank image
• A 10% bonus to the Miner

  • Profile Upgrades
  • No Advertising
  • Exclusive Badge


per month
Diamond Premium is our server subscription service. This tier is full of perks to help your server grow with UtilityBot.

Diamond Perks
• Exclusive "Diamond User" In Our Official Discord Server
• Includes all perks from Premium
• UtilityBot Music 24/7
• Grants 2x XP
  • Server Upgrades
  • Exclusive Badge
  • No Advertising

UtilityBot Custom

per month
UtilityBot Custom unlocks a custom bot for your server. This bot comes will all of UtilityBot features but is exclusive to your server. Everything will be customizable to your liking.

UtilityBot Custom
• Exclusive "UtilityBot Custom" In Our Official Discord Server
• A custom instance of UtilityBot
• Note: You will not have access to the bot's code and will we host the bot on our servers.

  • Premium Support



About UtilityBot

UtilityBot is an advanced, multipurpose discord bot created with the goal of making running a server easy.

 • Moderation
 • Global Economy
• Levelling 
• Fun 
• Utility
• Role Management
• Music 

Website > https://utilitybot.xyz/
Document > http://doc.utilitybot.xyz/
Bot Invite > http://doc.utilitybot.xyz/

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