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About Utkarsh Verma

I am a hobbyist who loves his time spent with electronics and making things. I usually post my projects on Instructables and Hackster and on my own blogs.
I despise re-posting preexisting ideas so all of my projects have budded off from my own mind.
I also happen to like documenting, writing and photography that's why my main focus is to always make well-written and documented posts. I prefer quality to quantity. That's just it.
A part of the reason for me posting stuff online is my desire to share my own experiences and so that these posts serve as notes in the near future.
Electronics is a beautiful field but it requires significant finances and that's why I've signed up here on Patreon. I could use the financial aid to better my equipment and in turn, better my future posts.

P.S.: I might be unusually inactive during 2018-2019 due to academic reasons.

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