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" Everything counts in large amounts " - D. M.

You should be proud that you done something.  There are no small gestures; there are only thing that you've done, and things you've not.

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You will get access to private beta build (called Golden Tape builds) of all projects I am doing (they are updated almost daily), plus your nickname in every application/software/projects I'm actually developing!

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Hi, my name is Alessio, but on the web I'm VFansss!

I'm 24, my favourite colour is blue (I don't think it's very evident), I live in Italy and design and build things and videogames are two of my favourite hobbies..

Something truly strange happened when I mixed these two things, and the results have been quite... fun to realize, albeit sometimes quite difficult to debug!

I often think about a phrase that is truly inspiring:

<< If it can be realized...why not doing it? >>

( Is inspiring, don't your think??? )

This, and my damned fussiness, had led me to spent a quite impressing time to adding, designing and take care of in many ways of my projects that you can find on my GitHub page or on my Reddit Profile.

So, when one of your favourite games is a awful conversion and you decide to fix it yourself or when your damned computer EXPLODE ( I'm not joking ) while you and your friends are playing and you decide to build yourself an eclectic savegame backup system, you know only where you are starting and never where these complicated ( but fun ) projects will ever take you.

And the most fantastic things are the countless exchanges of messages with people from all over the world: some only just to thank you for a job you enjoyed doing! Some other simply for asking how you are, or on what projects are you working.

( Ok, I have to admit it: when you write to me because there are problems it's much less fun! ARGHHHHH )

This is truly amazing, and the dedication with which you write these messages to me is as much as the dedication I use in continuing to develop these humble, but appreciated, and always free and open works!

I will always continue to build & break things but this Patreon is designed to let me continue to work more and more (and better) onto what I think is a fantastic media that allow us to enjoy truly deep and wonderful stories.

If all the users who used my works had donated even just 1€ I could probably afford to work on video games literally full time.

Logically between my daily helicopter ride and a tennis match, let's be clear.

If you like what I'm doing, and what I'm in plan to do, don't wait for someone else to do it: be a Patron, and get access to extra goodies and prototypes. And who knows...maybe you will be the one you will be the first to give me the input for the new project!

But whatever you choose to do, thank you for passing by and reading what I wrote! Life is too short to not have more (and better) fun.

Let's keep in touch in chat on my comPLAY Discord Server or add me on Steam, and meanwhile keep care of yourself,
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With this stunning pile of cash I could maintain all my project's website online ( and open for hackers attacks )
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