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Hey guys, we run a website and web series called VGFacts. The basis for the site is simple: Gaming Trivia.

You can check out the site here, or if you're interested in seeing some of our videos, we put them on the DidYouKnowGaming youtube channel here.

We depend on user support to keep our site running. We rely on our users to submit trivia that we can then process by correcting grammar, and verifying the source that they supply with each piece of trivia.

While there are several websites that provide gaming trivia, there is no website dedicated to archiving information quite like VGFacts. We try to provide as many means of finding trivia for not only individual games, but also their developers, consoles and series. We also make sure that each fact can be confirmed as a fact - we require a source for all information we have sent in to us.

We receive a huge number of submissions, and we want to make sure the approval process maintains a high standard. We also want to remain unbiased, and able to provide a comprehensive site without the need to rely on irritating banner ads and flashing graphics. This is why we're looking to Patreon as a means of helping fund the site.

We previously ran ads across our site, but felt that it detracted from the overall experience and so we made the decision to remove them. While we are now looking for help funding the site, we want everyone to know that it is completely optional. We will continue to provide trivia, work on videos, and keep the site running regardless of outside contributions. We will always be a site that is free to access with no restrictions.

Any amount helps, and will really add up to help us continue to provide the best in gaming trivia possible - just $1 will really make a difference.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and possibly even fund us!
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