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Works in progress, warm-ups, and anything sketches!  As well before it's inked and colored it'll be here to give you an idea of what's to come.

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Uncompressed higher quality versions of older publicly released works/Collections.



About VG Lewds

Welcome! What do I do here?
I draw lewds. Lewds of Leo, Aeris, and a few other characters. I also do Rule34 content too. We also do community polls that help direct the content. So it's largely driven a lot by you. :)

Is this really official VG Cats Lewds?
Non-cannon but, yes. I still love making comics and have tired to bring as much of that to this as I can. A mix of humor and lewds.

Oh no a paywall!
I've tried to structure the tiers so if you like the content you can subscribe to a higher level. Sketches level where you get to see the art before it's fully colored. Next level up is anything publicly posted will have a higher quality SD art. From there higher levels get higher quality art and content.

It's my primary income at this point so I'm putting my all into it. If you can help support, thank you! If not totally understand. Go at your own level. :)

Quick Tier Tags
Having trouble finding what you're looking for? Check out these tags for easy access to content.

Sketches- Lvl 2 content. Anything sketched or quick colors.
Collections- Lvl 3 content. Higher quality standard definition versions of older publicly released art and collections.
Comics- Anything formatted as a comic. Includes collections, new, and older works.
LewdEdits - Scenes and panels from VGCats comics redrawn for lewdness in the style of those comics.
Rule34- Non VGC released Rule34 cause I love doing it.
HD- Lvl 5 content. Art posted in glorious high definition.

Character Tags:
Aeris, Leo, Doggy Aeris, Doggy Leo, April, Penny, Cid, Zack

Where do you post public art?
Here on my twitter!

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