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About VKBoy

Welcome, messieurs and mademoiselles. I'm the Head Butler of the 'Mansion of Melodies.' First of all, many thanks for taking the time to show interest in my master, VKBoy, who, at the moment, is, ahem, probably up to no good.

Please consider supporting me, I mean, my master, supposing that:
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Your backing will give my master the strength to explore more and more fictional worlds and bring them to you as best as you may hope and as fast as he can type.

As for subscribing, please don't feel pressured to choose a tier. Do what you can or nothing at all. I reckon my master appreciates any and all support no matter the tier you're subscribed to.

Have the goodness to read this post to know more about my master and to get a complete picture of how our community works, for it will help you decide which tier of pledging is in your comfort zone. Unique rewards will be given to the first-ever backers in each tier. I highly suggest that you read the above-mentioned post before becoming a Backer of my master. By the way, in case if you're aiming for my seat, then don't. I think my master will take care of you from here on.

"Oi, oi, when did you start the show? And you've finished all the good parts and left me stats? That's not fair!"

"But life isn't fair, master, especially to those who show up late to their own show."

"You've spoken enough. Just go and do your job!"

Head Butler plods away.

"Mm, it feels nice now that he's gone. I don't know what he said about me, but I hope it's nothing shady. Anyway, you guys please carry on with your reading. I'll be there to help you at every twist and turn."


Primary Novel(s):
  • Shambala Sect (ongoing)

Secondary Novel(s):
 BH, PD, KOTA, EP, MM, GG, PTI, SSS, FM, and many more. These will at least have 1000+ words per chapter, unlike the primary novels which will have 2000+ words. Your support will help me release these novels and their chapters faster. Vote for them here.

Below is the list of websites where you can access my novels:

Other Media:
Other Donation Links: Paypal Ko-fi (For patrons, donations through other platforms aren't necessary, but for non-patrons, these donations are appreciated.)


  • Here is a sample of the first supplemental chapter of SS.
  • Know about Fan Flash here.
  • Want an in-depth view of how many chapters were written in each of the current and upcoming novels? Check here.
  • Don't know what is a primary or a secondary novel? Check here.
  • Want to know about Bonus Chapters? Check here.
  • Don't know what Traditionals, Supplementals, and Peripherals are? Check here.
  • I use shortcuts in my post titles. Know about the terminology here.

My Pen Names: VKBoy, Hot Hands.

"Oh, no! I didn't write the second pen name. Where did this come from? It's too brazen and expedient for my taste. Oh, wait, I think I know what happened. Dang! I must have fallen asleep for a minute. Geez, he's getting too sneaky-cheeky nowadays. I swear on the remaining hairs on his head, I'll get him for this later!"

0% complete
"Zeroes don't make any difference if they're all by themselves, but adding ones to them will change everything."
Likewise, achieving this first goal makes me believe in myself.
  • 10,000+ words per month
  • Bonus chapters
  • Sneak Peek to one or more of my secondary novels
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