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I have created this Patreon page so that E-Motion has a more permanent home that people can go to for downloads and assistance.  E-Motion will always be free and never hidden behind a payment.  Patrons will get access to unfinished builds that require testing but are not yet ready for public release, this is not meant as an incentive to get you to become a Patron, but more of a way to thank anyone who chooses to thank me by signing up.  All full releases of E-Motion will be released for free to all

E-Motion is a plugin for Virt-A-Mate which brings characters to life by giving them a personality and interests.
It controls where the characters looks, the expressions they display, their breathing, sweat, body motions and allows character to character interaction in the form of touching, kissing, and sexual activities.

Features :
  • Personality Profile
All of the functions within E-Motion are driven by a profile of 3 values :
Agreeableness - Higher values will generate happiness faster from interaction and allow more indirect gazing
Extraversion - Higher values will generate arousal faster from interaction and allow more direct eye contact
Stableness - Higher values allow longer gazing and less frequent glancing and avoidance

The randomness of each function is affected by 2 statistics :
Arousal - Increases breathing rate, eye contact time, pelvis/penis interest as well as changing what expressions are displayed
Happiness - Increases touch based arousal, head and hand interest as well as changing what expressions are displayed

  • Expression Control
E-Motion animates many facial and expression morphs to create different looks and facial reactions according to what is going on.
Eyebrows, Eyes and Mouth are animated separately and can be mixed together for greater variation
Blinking is controlled by E-Motion and tied into eye movement for a more realistic appearance

  • Breathing and Moaning Sounds (Female voice only)
Over 90 sound effects are included with E-Motion to bring your character to life
You will be able to hear your character breathing, and as they become aroused, they will let out short moans of pleasure
The characters mouth is animated to sync with the moans for greater realism and immersion

  • Points of Interest (POI)
E-Motion gives a character the ability to look at multiple parts of the body : Head, Left Hand, Right Hand, Chest, Pelvis, Penis (if exists)
Each body part is given an interest value based on stats like proximity, movement, visibility and interaction
The two highest valued POI's are then selected as targets with the character looking at the primary target and glancing at the secondary
An object can also be selected as another POI that can be looked/glanced at. If a Person is selected as the object, their head will be selected

  • Head and Eye Movement
E-Motion gives characters a complex gaze control system that is driven by the above POI and has several sub features
  • Direct Gaze
    Look directly at POI and follow it precisely
  • Indirect Gaze
    Look in direction of POI and follow it loosely
  • Glance
    Look at secondary POI without moving head
  • Avoid
    Look away from Primary POI and avoid Direct Gaze. Look at secondary if visible
  • Saccade
    The eyes flick around the target area to simulate human saccadic eye movement
The type of gaze, frequency of glances and avoidance are controlled by the personality profile.
Very close proximity to the characters face will override the gaze to look at whatever is very close

  • Body Movement and Breathing
E-Motion provides a built-in breathing morph animation and upper body movement that is tied into arousal and happiness.
Adjustments are also made to the pelvis, abdomen, chest, shoulders, neck and hands to enhance the expressions being displayed

  • Character Interaction
If a Person is selected as the target (or you are playing in VR without a target selected) the face/hands/pelvis/penis can be used to interact with the E-Motion character in the following areas : Head, Left Breast, Right Breast, Pelvis (covers front and rear), Left Hand, Right Hand
Close proximity, touching and caressing these areas will affect interest, arousal and happiness as well as trigger expressions or special features

  • Special Feature : Kissing
The Character will attempt to line up for a kiss if the target's head is very close to their own. If contact with the lips occurs a kissing animation will activateTwo characters both running E-Motion targeting each other will kiss each other

  • Special Feature : Blowjob reaction
If you create a blowjob scene, the E-Motion characters face and lips will animate to enhance the experience. If the Deepthroat morph is installed, this will be animated also
Note - E-Motion does not create the thrusting motion, this must be done via the scene (such as a cycle force)

  • Special Feature : Sex reaction
Touching/Inserting the penis / fingers / face into the characters V will initiate sex and generate lots of Arousal and happiness as well as play a series of sex expressions
Note - E-Motion does not create the thrusting motion, this must be done via the scene (such as a cycle force)

  • Special Feature : Face Holding
Holding the characters face in your hand(s) will cause the character to press their head into your hand and look into your eyes.
Touching the characters lips with your fingers will have the character kiss and suck the fingers

Hand Animator v1.2 (disable Hands in E-Motion to use them together)
Animates the following hand morphs dynamically :
  • Hand Grasp, Fist, Chop, Straighten (Left and Right)
  • Finger Bend (Each finger both hands)
  • Thumb Fist, In-Out (Left and Right)
Animates based on movement speed and proximity to :
  • Head, Neck, Chest, Breasts, Abdomen, Hips (front and behind), hands
UI Controls for adjusting how each morph is applied, resting hand position and speed, distance and animation scales.

Bulger 1.0
Animates the custom morphs for throat and belly bulging (morphs included)E-Motion already provides this feature when targeting a Person. Bulger can be used to allow her to react to an object like a dildoIt can also be used by itself
UI Controls allows you to set the trigger distances for the effects, as well as how much effect to apply.

Light Point 1.0
Simple plugin designed to be added to Spot Lights that will make them point at the chest of the person called 'Person'
There are no ui options, this is used by the example scene

Long Hair Style
I have included my V3 long hairstyle which can be seen in the included example scene and images
$94.71 of $1,000 per month
I can never imagine reaching such a goal, but if it were to happen I would fast track my plans of rebuilding E-Motion from the ground up as a new, more capable and expandable plugin.
I learned alot over the course of 18 months+ that I have been working on E-Motion but alot of the early work is a little rough around the edges. This has lead to issues with expanding E-Motion and its features and eventually it will be time to take what I have learned and start again.
The money would allow me to purchase additional VR equipment which I can integrate any unique features into E-Motion where appropriate
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts

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