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is a production collective that makes live shows, podcasts, and original and engaging videos on YouTube. We're big geeks, so everything we make is infused with passion, excitement, and love.

VStheUNIVERSE LLC. is made up of Aaron J. Amendola, Sam Begich, and Chris Chapin, but they are joined by a wide net of collaborators from the city of Chicago and beyond. Your donations will go directly into making our stuff bigger and better, along with giving you early or exclusive access to our content.

In 2019, VStheUNIVERSE is celebrating the launch of their storytelling sandbox Astound, where all future projects will take place.

The below projects are a part of VtU's Astound sandbox:
VStheUNIVERSE's slate of original shows and content include:
The VStheUNIVERSE Podcast Network consists of:

Producing content is fun, but the cost of creating something can be prohibitively high. Donating to VtU's Patreon ensures the following:
  • Proper equipment can be purchased and maintained for projects
  • Performers can be paid for their time and talent
  • Fees associated with hosting services and outreach can be covered

Of course you're going to get some goodies and rewards for giving us money! That's part of the fun of using Patreon!

  • $1 - For $1 you can help us achieve our goals without breaking the bank. You'll be a direct supporter of VStheUNIVERSE and the Astound project. As thanks, you'll gain access to our exclusive RSS feed that will be updated periodically with updates on what is happening with VtU behind the scenes.
  • $5 - For $5, you'll get access to all of VStheUNIVERSE's cut content and demo material. Listen to songs that didn't make it into our "Love Songs" sketches and see video content that never hit our YouTube page. In addition to this material, you'll also gain access to the living rulebook for the School Spirits RPG which powers our horror-comedy podcast UniCURSEity. (And the RSS feed too!)
  • $10 - For $10, you'll get everything in the lower tiers PLUS we will work with you to insert you as an NPC in the world of Astound.

"VtU creates hilarious, deeply nerdy content while making an effort to reach out to a diverse set of geeky personalities throughout Chicago. If you’ve ever wished there was a localized nerdy Muppet-esque variety show, Geek Show has you covered. Their Love Songs series is catchy and clever. Their podcast network is thoughtful *and* interesting. Please give them money to support their goofy, joyful ideas!" - Pranks Paul, Host of Never Tell Me The Pods

"The Geek Show is creative, hilarious, and an absolute joy to watch." - Jenn Bane, Community Manager at Cards Against Humanity

"I have to admit, I was having a pretty crap-tastic day, and then I found this video. Great video, made my day, literally. Love the score, love the material. Thanks for sharing the love, guys. Keep rocking the creativity. You move people whether you see it or not. ^_^" - Patricia Hughes on Code Monkey

"The Geek Show is one of the best times I've had talking about my advocacy while also getting to play Bioware Tinder. A wonderful show that absolutely must go on!" - Tanya DePass, Founder at I Need Diverse Games

"A charming and fun look at all things geek in Chicago, Geek Show is the 'The CW's The Flash' of talk shows."
- Mike Chuck Bretzlaff, Founder of Chicago Loot Drop

"They say everything I'm thinking, but with far more humor and polish." - CGK824 on Panels On Channels

"When the podcast was over I wanted more and cannot wait for the next episode."livekismet on The Co-Operatives
$134 of $190 per month
At $190 a month, we'll be able to further outfit our recording space with assets that will improve the sound quality.
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