Village of Valparaiso Home School, Inc.

is creating A truly flexible 5-12 schooling alternative for ALL students.




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About Village of Valparaiso Home School, Inc.

The idea for Village of Valparaiso Home School, Inc. (VVHS) was derived from many years of my personal teaching experience along with evidence-based research in the field of educational practices. The goal is to create a teaching and learning environment at VVHS which will focus on the unique nature of your child.

My teaching career began in Brooklyn, New York, in the early 1990s. I had taught Science and Mathematics with the NYC Board of Education for almost ten years before I moved to Texas to pursue my Ph.D. in Science and Mathematics Education with a focus on Physics Education. Throughout my doctoral studies, I primarily focused on methods to help students understand Science and Mathematics. It was this understanding that led me to be mindful of the fact that each child learns differently, especially those who struggle while learning using traditional Science and Mathematics teaching models.

Village of Valparaiso Home School aims to provide students in grade 5 through 12 with effective schooling that is tailored to meet his/her unique needs.

At VVHS, parents and students first choose the curriculum and then we use our expertise to help your child get the work done. We follow the curriculum that allows each student to meet the state requirement for completion of credits and/or grade level promotion in each subject.

We look forward to sharing this collaborative educational journey with you and your child.

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