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Modest support from patrons in return for modest but regular progress on our part. This tier rewards our long-term sponsors with ongoing benefits along with steadily growing access to our previously released benefits, and eventual access to our periodic Program updates.

Consistent support at this level results in patrons eventually acquiring access to everything we have released on Patreon, in the forms of content, education, and program-updates. If you support us consistently, we will be certain to give you everything we've got.

Patron rewards general plan:

We expect to produce  limited access tutorials, and varied content items (3D stuff, VWD presets, etc.) on a weekly basis. We also expect to release program fixes and feature updates every four (4) months or so. The nature of the content/tutorials/updates will vary depending on feedback, requests, and our abilities.

Patron reward distribution scheme:

Active supporters of this tier will immediately receive the currently available non-program-update oriented benefits (tutorials, presets, content, etc.), for as long as this level of patronage continues. (Program updates will distributed under the conditions described below).

Add to that, for each month of additional *continuous* support, the preceding month(s) of content and features will be released, one month at a time, to patrons in a form of 'catch-up' rewards in appreciation for the extended patronage. This will continue until the sponsor has access to everything we have released on Patreon.

Finally, for patrons of this tier who continuously support this effort for four (4) contiguous months running, (this month and the previous three months) the latest available full program updates for the current release will be available, and remain so for as long as the 4-month running sponsorship continues.

Note that our VWD Cloth & Hair V2.x  program updates will always be provided as updates to the original program. The original program can/must be purchased at our online store at for these updates to be use or meaningful. We do not  sell or distribute the baseline program version anywhere else.

Note: if a patron's support at this tier is cancelled at any time, those patrons should expect that their patronage 'clock' for this tier will be reset, and re-activating sponsorship will be the same as starting again as a new patron. Any decision by us at VWD to apply 'credit' for past support will have to be considered for each situation, and any 'credits' that we choose to award will be done so at our sole discretion. Any other model isn't practical and doesn't make much sense for us.

About Virtual World Dynamics

Virtual World Dynamics - We create 3D cloth and hair mesh simulation tools that help add a sense of life and energy to your 3D renders and animations.

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