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If you pledge $1.00, we will send you a download code for our EP "The Singles".
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If you pledge $5.00, we will send you a download code for an unreleased track of our choosing.  We're always creating and we have quite a back catalog of songs that are just waiting to be heard.
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The first 300 fans who pledge $10 or more will receive a "Friends With Benefits" compilation download code and a sticker.  Last year Vacant Windows took part in a concert to benefit Habitat for Humanities and we have some left over stickers which include a download code for a 20 song compilation that features Vacant Windows along with a ton of other great Baltimore bands.




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About Vacant Windows

Hi everyone.  As much as I hate these sites that encourage asking for money, I'm going to be honest.  Vacant Windows is two guys,  Brian and myself.  We make music because that's what runs through our veins. It is a labor of love and it has never been about getting rich, but we do dump a ton of cash into this project .  I've endeavored to find creative and affordable ways to do things like release new music videos and manufacture physical copies of recordings but there are only so many corners that can be cut, and everything costs. We would love to take this project to the next level, but there just isn't much more we can do with the limited means that we're working with. For example, we're poised to release our debut LP and I would love to hire a PR Firm to shop it around to radio stations and media outlets, but that will cost us between 1-2K dollars! That's just one example. We simply cannot afford to make those strides on our own, so if you're a fan and you would like to be a part of making Vacant Windows in to something more, help us out and make a pledge.  We'll be your best friend.
$9 of $200 per Music Video
If we reach this goal, the money will be used to hire Wolfstream Media, a Baltimore video production company, to shoot a shiny new video in support of one of the new, unreleased tracks from our upcoming album.
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