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My Life with Paula ♥

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With as little as 1$ you can help me to organize food for Paula, myself, my mother or Sebastian :)
If you want to see it, you can always message me! about what I cook or what I serve to the group above! :)

Thank you so much, my heart is with you, always, even though I don`t know you personally! I really mean it :) ♥

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Bigger Tip :)

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For as little as 2$ you help me not just to get food for the people above, but get the good kind of food, like biological or organic, regional food :) 
also it might help repair my bike or buy a ticket for the tram/bus for paula when she is travelling with me or a friend of mine :) 
you will have my exclusive graditude and a big virtual thumps up and everything what i said before, when you want it :) 
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Damn you generous! :)

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As I want to get out of depths I Need some Patreons who Pay 3$ or more, so I can slowly pay off my depths :) 
I am organizing a lot for my mother, my father, my dog, my boyfriend and myself, so a little support to get to the places and a coffee to go, would mean a lot to me ♥ 
all the points from before are of course added ♥ and you have my gratitude! forever ♥
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About Vaderyale94 Productions

Just me, you and Paula :) :)
Just my Life.
As a hopefully soon fully trained nurse.
With the diagnosis ADHD.
If you dont know what it is, check HowtoADHD on Youtube out, Jessica explains it super cool!
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When I will reach one Patreon, I will connect my Patreon with my website :)
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