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  • you'll ALSO get to see progress pictures & commentary when I'm working on something new
  • but I know y'all, what you're really here for is the cat pictures
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  • sometimes you get dibs on new stuff!
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  • usually I make something special for y'all
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When I'm feeling crappy, creating brings me up. When I'm scattered, creating helps me focus. Creating things -- beautiful things, weird things, things that surprise me even while I'm making them -- is (slightly to my own surprise, & entirely contrary to my elementary school aptitude tests) the center of my life.

(Okay, so are the cats.)

So Patreon's whole 'X is creating...' pitch was sort of, well, perfect. So, here I am. Making surprise jewelry & random-stuff-in-a-bowl soap & taking lots & lots of cat pictures.

& here's you along for the journey! That's pretty awesome. Welcome along!

I'm along for the journey?

You are! I make some of my posts public, so everyone can see some of what I'm doing. If you want to see more (& support what I'm doing here), become one of my patrons!

By doing so you'll be able to follow along with everything I'm trying to do here, including:

  • make lots of jewelry (mostly out of trash);
  • create new soap scents;
  • write about how I do things, including some philosophizing stuff I don't have the nerve to post anywhere else;
  • & take lots of pictures of leashcats in really awesome places.
Whether or not you decide to become one of my patrons, your support means a lot to me!

What's this patron thing about?

When you pledge to support me on Patreon, you choose how much you'll be charged every month. This can be as low as a buck a month -- & you'll get rewards based on how much you choose. Those are listed down the side of my Patreon page. (If you pledge enough, you get Stuff!)

$308.41 of $409 per month
This one's a stretch, but one can always hope!

When I get here, this is what'll happen:

  • I will DOUBLE what I'm sending to chooose.today, which will offset TWICE my carbon footprint.
  • AND I will start featuring patron's cats -- that's YOUR cats -- in one of my weekly cat pictures posts. They'll be famous!*
* Slightly famous. A little bit famous. You won't have to worry about paparazzi.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 176 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 176 exclusive posts

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